CNC Panel Bender Job Work, CNC Panel Bender Job Work in India

CNC Panel Bender Job Work

CNC Panel Bender Job WorkWorld Class CNC Panel Bending was elevated at Imperial Industries when we added our Salvagnini P4 Panel Bender . This state of the art panel bending machine has automatic loading of sheet metal from a 12 tower sheet metal loading station. It pulls the material out of rack based on what program tells the machine to retrieve. It punches and forms with precision and speed unmatched by turret presses and press brakes. The additional beauty of the Salvagini panel bender is that it loads, references, locates, punches and forms without human touch of the material until the part is formed. Tight tolerances are able to be obtained. This makes Imperial Industries a preferred supplier for production panel bent parts such as custom metal enclosures, metal cabinets, and metal shelving assemblies in aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel. Drawers with hems and flanges are no problem for us. Special tooling is not required for many functions of this CNC Panel bender. If you have panel doors with louvers, that is ok too!

Additional Information:
• Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Piece(S)