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Acoustic Enclosures for Blowers

Acoustic Enclosures for BlowersWe are manufacturers & Exporters of Acoustic Enclosures for Blowers in India, we provide proper Silent ventilation Systems for Blower with Acoustic Insulated Louvers, and Silencer for Exhaust, Acoustic panel thickness is 100mm Insulated with High Density Rock wool India, TATA/ESSAR CRCA sheet will be used to fabricate Enclosure, our Acoustic Enclosre is fully Dismantled type. HS Engineers also offers customized acoustic hood products, enclosures, and other environmental Soundproofing Solutions built to customer specifications. From custom sizes and form factors, to variable mounting systems and shelving, HSE has the expertise to overcome even the most difficult engineering and design challenges for acoustic isolation systems. HSE acoustic enclosures have been proven to deliver excellent attenuation at both high and low frequencies, optimizing the design and material inside every enclosure to achieve peerless acoustic isolation for precision research instruments.

• Rugged design
• Smooth edges
• Light weight
• Corrosion resistance